We Specialize In:-

Engineering Works

•    Facilities Engagement
•    Reinstate
•    Mechanical & Electrical Works
•    Machine Utilities Set Up
•    HVAC/ ACMV Engineering Works

Additional and Alteration(A& A) Engineering Works

•    Clean Room
•    Expansion of Production Floor

HVAC / ACMV Engineering & Servicing

•    Heat Load Calculation
   To calculate the necessary size of the air-conditioning system based on given
•    Design & Build
   To select suitable and energy saving system to meet the requirement.
•    Air-Conditioning Installations
   To install all types of air-conditioning system with quality works.
•    Air-flow balancing
   To measure and calculate the balancing of air distribution throughout
   the building/area.
•    Trouble Shooting & Repair
   Analyze defects and problems arising from system.
•    Routine Preventive Maintenance
   Periodical maintenance to ensure air-conditioning system performs to its    optimal.
•    Energy efficiency and conservation consultant
•    Warranty provided